Introducing Elgar!

On March 5, 2006, after having found the web profile of a very disarming black and white cat, we went to the Oakland SPCA with our friends Susie and Daniel, and we came back with Elgar!

We named him Elgar in keeping with our tradition of musical cat names. Not being quite as sharp as Magdalena, we thought it'd be appropriate to name him after a second-tier composer. Most of the time, however, we call him Goofball, Nutjob, Cowcat, and Meester. One of his meows is a sheeplike “mee-ee-ee-ee!”

Meester is two years old and weighs eleven pounds. He's super active: very playful and energetic. He's very bitey, but not in an aggressive way; he's orally fixated like a puppy.

Magda is molto agitato, and Elgar is pretty agitato as well, but he lacks the grace and agility of Magda. Elgar galumphs about in a happy-go-lucky way. We decided that his musical marking is agitato non grazioso.


Unfortunately, Magda wants to kill Elgar. Poor Elgar has been to the vet twice because of infected bite wounds. Right now they are separated, which makes our daily life a little crazy in this two bedroom apartment. But we're trying different techniques and have hope that they'll be able to co-exist someday.

Please send peaceful vibes towards 422 Cortland!